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This software only lock files.So I find it very difficult to lock multiple files.I think it can't lock folders.This software should have facility to lock multiple files and folders at once.

Neal , 23.06.2011, 07:56
Idea status: under consideration


Hard Water, 23.06.2011, 11:22
You can encrypt multiple files and folders. I placed several different programs into a folder and added some images and doc files to the folder, so when you looked inside the folder there were folders and files. Encrypting the whole lat was easy. You just have to drag the folder you want encypting into the field that's provided when you open the encryption program. You can even have the passward stored in an image if you wish. Once encrypted you can then delete the original files. to unlock just click on the encrypted file and it will automatically open the main program then you select the image you stored your password in, or input the password manually. Click okay and your files and folders are unencrypted. Worls like a dream, is easy to use and the GUI is perfect. Nothing fancy, just functional.
LargeSoftware, 23.06.2011, 14:23
You can absolutely lock folders, multiple folders, or files and multiple files. To do so there are many options but the one our users like best is to simply drag and drop each file, or folder into the "File Box" under the "Lock a File" tab.
LargeSoftware, 23.06.2011, 14:34
Don't worry you can definitely lock folders, and multiple files. There are several easy ways to do so, but the way our customers like the best is to simply drag and drop each file or folder you would like to lock into the "File Box" under the "Lock" button.

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