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see it work! I tried it and the program is totally useless

paul60uk , 23.06.2011, 07:27
Idea status: under consideration


langr, 23.06.2011, 13:08
Not sure what problem you encountered - installed fine on my Win7 (32 bit) notebook. Used activation key & had to restart app for activation. Saw other comments about not being able to lock folder/multiple files, so guess what I tried first? Dragged a 15 mb folder of pdf files to the app lock window & it handled just fine - took about 6 seconds to create a "portable" locked file.

Couple of suggestions: 1. Did not realize it would leave the original folder/files intact - it actually created a locked copy (which had its own DocLock icon). May want to provide the option to delete the original file(s)/folders (or maybe this occurs if you don't select the portable option - haven't tried that yet).
2. when entering my own password (not auto-generated), could not tell when the cursor was active in the password box or confirmation box (no insertion point active). Should be enabled.
LargeSoftware, 23.06.2011, 14:30
Let me know if you guys are using the full functioning version of the software, did you register the software with the license key provided by GOTD, if you did not you are using the trial version, which limits your ability to lock and unlock files to only .doc files. As always if you are having any issues we would love to walk you through the program.
LargeSoftware, 23.06.2011, 17:53
Thanks for the above comments on the Original files or folders staying intact. To auto delete the original file after locking there is actually an option in the "Options Tab" to do just this. We keep it from doing this automatically as a precaution to first time users. With that said, I think we can make the process more clear, like a popup box or something when you first lock a file.

As for the cursor, great catch, already sent to the development department to take a look. thanks again.

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